GRAND FINALE - 12/12/09

The end of Petersburg Project Space in Petersburg Project Space is celebrated Saturday 12/12/09 with drinks & music & some fine visuals, come all!


22 uur Bas van Koolwijk 3D-performance (NL)
22.30 uur DJ MissBeatz loves music (D/NL)
0.00 uur DJ Hakki Takki Acieeed! (NL)
Visuals by Eric Lake e.a.



Opening times Bar Europa: Thursday till Saturday, 20.00 – 23.00
Saturday 12/12 the finissage of Europa Neurotisch & the Grand Finale of Petersburg Project Space
This week in Bar Europa:

Szacsva y Pál (HR), Day and Night, 8.45 Minutes
The video draws a complex parallel between three kinds of market situations. A traditional fish market in Venice, a black market situation in Versailles and the red light district scene in Amsterdam. Although kept in an almost documentary register, this work highlights many important deficits of the acquisitive and market oriented exchange processes through which we globally operate the circulation of food, emotions and all other goods.

Karl Kühn (AT), Concrete and Snow, 6.30 Minutes
Concrete And Snow is the visual exploration of a building, The Church of the Holiest Trinity, which was built in the mid 70s at the border of Vienna’s Forest, based upon a model by the Austrian sculptor Fritz Wotruba. The video shows the building in a calm and dry state. Snow partly covers the building, a pure white skin upon the complex textures of concrete patina.  

Wotrubas intention was “to create something that shows that poverty need not be ugly, that forbearance may be in an environment that is beautiful in spite of the utmost simplicity and also brings happiness. ” The hotly debated building, consisting of over 150 concrete blocks and panes has been assigned to the New Brutalism. The building is surrounded by a young forest which overcasts the concrete ruins of a humongous German World War II air base which was taken down by the Russian army after the end of the war.

Sabina Grasso (IT/DE), Angelika, 5 Minutes
Angelika comes from the inspiration given to me by the city of Berlin, where I am now leaving. A female juggler who, thanks to the slow movements of her job, shows her view of the German artistic capital in her crystal ball... My research interest is for the city as an emotional place. The contact with a new landscape transmits me some inputs and sensations, which then I translate into images.

Dana Sereda (FR), l'histoire d'une baleine, 4 minutes
A feverish journey through a landscape that resembles paradise gone mayhem. A voiceover seems to try to make some sense of the chaos, although the language used is unclear.

The permanent context of the show is formed by an installation by architect Michel Heesen en photographer Hans Stakelbeek who form the duo Kaal&Kammen. In an old Mercedes they drove from Vardø (Barents Sea) to Sitia (Kreta) on the E75, de longest European highway in North-South direction. The E-networks is Europe’s counterpart of the American interstate highways and once served as a means to promote the kinship between the different countries.
‘E-75 European Highway’ is a time document, a snapshot of a rapidly changing route.



Opening times Bar Europa: Thursday till Saturday, 20.00 – 23.00
This week in Bar Europa:

Felice Hapetzeder (AT/SE), Onkel Kurti, 23 minutes

In Onkel Kurti my prejudice against Turkish culture is exaggerated to see if it is specific to me, or, as I suspect, that they are intrinsic Western prejudice. The work additionally reflects my struggle with my Austrian inheritance. Such as my growing up in part with a hibernated Nazi from Second World War in Austria as a godfather. The film takes the form of a violent but also humorous encounter with Turkish culture. Thematically it expresses a question on generationally transferred guilt and trauma.


Tzvetana Tchakarova (BG/NL), Void, 3 minutes

According to Zygmunt Bauman the displaced and the stateless, the refugees are 'abjects'. They have become regarded as 'unthinkables' and 'unimaginables' to the dominant imagination in liberal democratic states. At the same time we all are in some sense nomads, wanderers, that is, refugees, though driven by different concerns and circumstances. In our search for ourselves we are all becoming 'border-crossers',
though never finally leaving our familiar old places and never finally arriving in familiarized new places.


Marianne Holm Hansen (UK), Repeat After Me (Common words and phrases), 6 minutes

Using the limited phrase format of the traveler's guidebook, the repetitive dialogue of Repeat After Me aims to bring into play the culture of language, universality and translation, and the potential of the [tourist] encounter. To this extent the work includes a consideration of how place - and our experience of place is constructed and mediated through language, language culture and convention.


Andrea Huyoff (DE), C. THE GREAT (GOLDMAN), 3.30 minutes

Digital total-refractions and total non-refractions of shiny surfaces in cuts from the historical movie “Catherine the Great” (1934) by Paul Czinner. Analog recorded resplendence and the absence of light are digitally exaggerated and interfused with color. The shiny and the dark particles become emotional indicators.