Call for participation: WALL 
Petersburg Project Space; the youngest artist initiative in the center of Amsterdam, presents the installation WALL in May during the 7th Kunstvlaai art fair, in Westerpark, Amsterdam.
Petersburg Project Space designed a specific wall to serve as a physical barrier inside the project space Petersburg will be introducing May 24th.
The partition defines the border between the public exhibition area, and the private executive area. On Kunstvlaai 7, we will present a copy of this barrier, WALL, in the outside-exhibition-part of the art fair.
Even though, Petersburg Project Space hasn’t yet opened its doors; in the public domain, Petersburg Project Space is being launched full force.
Concept :
WALL emphasizes and denies our space. By taking the barrier from our project space into the public field, an infinite artist run space is formed. By way of this ‘displacement’ we want to redefine the value of the WALL outside. Inside Petersburg Project Space the wall is functional; separating the private and public space.  Outside the wall is an obstacle which will need to be transformed into a center point.
Call for Entry:
Starting the 10th until the18th of May, we will organize a daily program on and around the WALL installation. We ask artists to invent new meaning for the relocated WALL. There will be a final selection of 10 proposals. The main focus will be on installations, performances, lectures and interventions. New and existing work is accepted.
We have no specific criteria for the proposed projects, but within the project proposals it should be clear that the work doesn't damage the Westergas location in any way. However it is possible to propose modifications to the wall itself. You should keep in mind with this though that the act of modification should be a for the viewers save endeavor.
Furthermore if your proposal requires electricity it should be clear how much you need.
Per project there is a limited budget available with a maximum of 200 euros. 
Sunday April 13, 2008. Within one week we will decide who is in.
How to apply:
Please send your proposal to

More information on the history of the westergas can be found here. Google earth has a good topview of the area, including some extra photo's. Download this link if you have google earth.

Petersburg Project Space is Gerben Kruk, Maria Heijdendael, Monique Verhoeckx, Su Tomesen. Our project space is located at Frans de Wollanstraat 84 in Amsterdam center.